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World Mental Health Day is a little different this year, with events and get-togethers more restricted than usual. But there are still so many ways to celebrate and bring awareness!

Check out these digital and printable resources, including resources from our Partners, you can share with friends, family, colleagues and your community during October to encourage everyone to look after their mental health. 


Apps & Programs

Bluespace: Wellbeing for Victoria Police employees and families

Approximately 32% of Victoria Police employees have experienced a diagnosed mental health condition and approximately 90% have experienced burnout from their work to some degree…

Apps & Programs

Uprise | Free wellbeing check tool

Apps & Programs

Psychological trauma recovery online toolkit

Trauma comes in many forms and impacts people from all walks of life. It affects us physically and emotionally, and the way we see ourselves, others, and the world around us. Phoenix Australia’s recovery online toolkit offers some simple strategies and free tools to help you learn ways to manage the effects of psychological trauma.

Apps & Programs

DRUMBEAT Online: Therapeutic Drumming

The world’s leading therapeutic drumming program is now available online. Now more than ever, professionals are looking for innovative ways to build connection, self-esteem, resilience and to reduce anxiety and stress. So if you are working in education, health, counselling therapy, justice, social work… or just keen to make a positive difference, DRUMBEAT Online is […]

Apps & Programs

My Wellbeing Mate App

My Wellbeing Mate gives you free access to helplines, websites, guides, videos, inspiring talks, apps and more.This app is designed to help you enhance your own wellness, and to help you support others.

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