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Partner Pack 2022


Partner Pack

This printable partner pack provides background and details of supporting the World Mental Health Day campaign. Download and learn how to engage with this year’s campaign

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2022 Social Resources

Throughout October, practice 26 mindful habits and look after your mental health, Australia. Download and share #mentalhealthaustralia #habitsforhealth

Social Posts

Mindful Habits for Mental Health

Register and share your involvement #mentalhealthaustralia #habitsforhealth

How to upload WMHD videos

Show your support for World Mental Health Day by recording a 60 second video!


2022 Mental Health Month Calendars

This printable pdf calendar provides daily prompts about what to do to look after your mental health over the month of October.


2022 Mental Health Day Postcards

These printable postcards are a fun way to support this year’s campaign and the messaging of ‘Awareness. Belonging. and Connection.’ We have three beautiful Australian native birds that you can download onto Instagram and play with! All you need to do is print out the double sided postcard files attached and follow the prompts on […]

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