What’s your promise to look after your mental health, Australia?

Latest promises

I promise to: To find some colour in everyday Painted rocks with kids today

I promise to: Be patient with myself and do things to the best of my abilities – not to ‘perfection’!

I promise to: Look after myself first

I promise to: Find joy in the little things.

I promise to: Find some colour and fun in my day.

I promise to: Stay at home, and be patient.

I promise to: Consider what I want from my life in the next few years and begin move towards achieving those things

I promise to: Be mindful of my reactions and behaviours and adjust as they happen to desirable

I promise to: Find joy colour and fun in little things Contact friends and family more regularly Get back into some old hobbies Stay grounded

I promise to: I promise to wind down by getting back into Fencing on a Friday night. The camaraderie is great and it feels great to wield a sword.

I promise to: Look after my mental health.

I promise to: Call a friend or family member today.

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