What’s your promise to look after your mental health, Australia?

Latest promises

I promise to: Concentrate more in class.

I promise to: look after myself by putting my needs and well being first. I promise to do more of the things that fill my life with passion again.

I promise to: Remember to take it day by day, or minute by minute if you need to.

I promise to: Be transparent, vulnerable but more importantly find peace amongst the chaos.

I promise to: Be kinder to myself

I promise to: Take one step at a time to a more healthy lifestyle

I promise to: Take time out with my family, ask about there day and really find out whats happening in everyone’s lives 🙂

I promise to: Drink more water

I promise to: make time for my inner child and nurture her with nature, laughter and creativity.

I promise to: Make the most of my evenings, pack away my desk and take time to appreciate how privileged my life is and all the good things within it!

I promise to: Make exercise part of my routine.

I promise to: be more creative! I hope to paint more, experiment more and laugh more.

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